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100 3rd Ave, New York, New York, 10003


The VNYL, located downtown, is a lifestyle space which has been designed to showcase a grouping of influences from 1970's interior design, fashion, art, music and attitude.

They have created a food and beverage program which showcases innovation and creativity. The cuisine takes inspiration from Californian styles, whilst their beverage program is designed to bring a superior standard of quality to a larger audience. Using only premium and fresh ingredients across both programs, they go to extra lengths to deliver a better quality product. The seafood on their menu is purchased locally from fully sustainable sources. Their fruits, garnishes and the flavours in their cocktails have been prepared in-house from fresh produce daily

The interior design objective was to create a space which feels residential, while still having the functionality to be commercial. Every piece of furniture has been custom designed for The VNYL, and manufactured in Ireland.

Members receive 20% off the full bill with their meal purchase and access to the Black Rose Room with their REGULUS Card for after dinner revelry for their full party.

  • Reservations through the REGULUS concierge are required.
    Need login for reservation