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Umaya - Izakaya

733 10th St NW, Washington, DC, 20001

Umaya - Izakaya

Umaya brings together Eastern and Western concepts — providing the serenity and simplicity of a Western-style beer garden melded with traditional Asian plates and dining experience. Umaya DC specializes in the ever-popular Japanese ‘street food’; with seasoned chefs putting their own twists on time-honored dishes. Classic dishes such as sushi and ramen grace the menu, along with authentic Izakaya masterpieces. From the refreshing décor to the Asian comfort food and scent of the Izakaya grill, Umaya will delight your senses.

Members receive a complimentary personal carafe of house sake per member of their full party (up to 6 people) with meal purchase, OR, with the purchase of Omakase (chef's selection of sushi and nigiri), receive a complimentary Robatayaki platter.

  • Reservations through the REGULUS concierge are required
    Need login for reservation