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Barrel & Ashes

11801 Ventura Blvd. , Los Angeles , CA, 91604

Barrel & Ashes

Treading the line between high-end and low-key, Thomas Keller alum Timothy Hollingsworth and Bill Chait bring terrific twists on classic BBQ to a funky Studio City space. The family-style menu includes out-of-this-world Texas-style brisket, wings, and tri-tip, plus a gooey, buttery, hoecake for dessert. Add a friendly staff, communal tables, and boozy cocktails, and this spot is a go-to for a casual and beyond-satisfying dinner.

Members receive a complimentary Hoe Cake each for their full party.

  • Reservations through the REGULUS Concierge are required.
  • Valid for original Hoe Cake only, not the special brunch varieties.
    Need login for reservation